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Register a Trademark in the United Kingdom

>>>Fast and easy trademark for Brand Registry<<<

The UK is one of the easiest and quickest countries to obtain trademark registration and the UK Trademarks Office is super-efficient and fast. Many Amazon sellers file in the UK as it allows them to get into the Amazon Brand Registry faster (note: a UK trademark is not a substitute for the US and will not protect you in the US).

Important highlights about the UK registration process:

  • Your trademark is reviewed on absolute grounds and it can be refused if the mark is descriptive or deceptive.

  • One of the biggest differences between the UK and US, Canadian and Australian systems is that in the UK your trademark will not be refused if there is a similar mark.

  • To stop a similar trademark one has to file a trademark opposition and that’s why monitoring the UK trademark database is extremely important.

  • No use or specimens of use are required to register a trademark in the UK.

  • Trademark registration process is about 3.5-4 months if everything goes well.

  • UK trademark registration process is one of the easiest and least stressful.

We work with a few trusted UK representatives and chartered trade mark attorneys. We are able to help you with trademark registration and opposition matters.

Pricing of Our Packages

The prices are in US$ for the UK


  • Covers filing your application and reporting the progress all the way to registration. 2 classes included. This is our entry-level package.


  • Covers full trademark registration, including reporting and responding to non-substantive examiner’s objections and free re-filing.


  • Covers all aspects of trademark registration, including responding to all examiner’s objections and free re-filing. More free extras.

Details about pricing packages

Government fees are not included in our packages and are extra


Upgrade 1

  • Upgrade “SAIL THROUGH” package to “ALL IN” package

Upgrade 2

  • Upgrade “SAIL THROUGH” package to “BELLS AND WHISTLES” package

Upgrade 3

  • Upgrade “ALL IN” package to “BELLS AND WHISTLES” package


When should I not file my trademark in the UK?