Free Preliminary Trademark Search and Consultation

What you will get:

  • A preliminary opinion about the registrability of your trademark

  • Free consultation with a trademark professional

  • A clear idea of whether you should move forward with your trademark

Should I do a trademark search?

Trademark search is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of trademark registration process. The purpose of a trademark search is to check if the brand you selected is available for use and registration. We offer basic, i.e. identical marks or very similar similar marks search for free. A comprehensive search is included with the purchase of any of our packages. Basic search takes about 10 minutes by a qualified professional and comprehensive search takes about an hour to complete. Please that basic is more detailed than simply a direct hit search you can do yourself in any Trademark Office database.

Without a proper search, another company may prevent you from using the mark you selected if such use will create trademark confusion in the marketplace.

We have written an article about the importance of a trademark search.

Read our full article here.

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How do you do a trademark search?

We have a paid subscription to professional trademark search software. It’s called “Corsearch”. We offer comprehensive trademark search with the purchase of any of our packages.

According to the World Trademark Review survey, Corsearch ranked #1 in the trademark search category receiving an 8.05 score overall, but also ranked #1 in the relevance of records received (7.88), #1 in usability and delivery timing of reports (8.41), and #1 in linguistic capability (7.65). Finally, Corsearch led among all providers in the likelihood that the practitioners surveyed would recommend them to colleagues, with an 8.27 score.

We use Corsearch to provide the best service to our clients and the most accurate results. So all our trademark searches are done with Corsearch platform.

Corsearch allows searching phonetic equivalents and vowel substitutions.

We check relevant Trademark Office databases to find the closest marks and check how they are used in the marketplace.

Once we generate a report, we do manual analysis and provide assessment of the registrability of your trademark together with our suggestions how to improve your chances of achieving registration.

Please note that for China and Germany we rely on our associate to do a trademark search. We offer free identical searches in China and Germany but similar trademarks search is $150 and it’s not included in our packages.

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Can a trademark search guarantee that your mark will be registered?

We suggest you read this article to find out.

***Please try to be as specific as possible when listing your products. We need to know the actual products in order to do a proper trademark search and determine your trademark reliability.


“Home products” or “household products” is too broad. Kitchen appliances, tableware, pots is specific enough.

“Bath products” is unclear. Bath towels, cleaning preparations, shower mats is good.

“Baby products” is too broad and vague. We need to know what they are. For example, baby clothing, baby bibs, rattle toys, baby food, baby blankets is what we need.

“Garden products” is too vague. Please specify what they are, i.e. fertilizers, spades, flower seeds, waters hoses.

“Cosmetics” is acceptable. “Vitamins and supplements” is acceptable. “Computer software” is acceptable for the search.

If you are a consultant or coach, please explain the nature of your services and who your target clients are.