While our “BELLS AND WHISTLES” package may seem like an initially steep investment, the benefits it provides end up paying long-term dividends to those who are serious about the protection of their trademarks!”

This package comes with some cool bonuses that you don’t get with the “ALL IN” package:

  • If your trademark is refused by the Trademarks Office, you get free re-filing through the “ALL IN” package (a $745 value). All our professional fees are waived.
  • If your address changes, we’ll update it with the Trademarks Office (a $100 value).
  • If you decide to transfer your trademark to another company or person, we’ll record one trademark assignment for free (a $150 value). You’ll only pay the government fee.
  • If you think you may need the writing of a cease-and-desist letter, we’ll write one for you, signed by an attorney (a $500 value).
  • This package comes with unlimited consultations with us about your trademark (an average value of $250).
  • Perhaps most importantly, the “BELLS AND WHISTLES” package includes responses to substantive objections, including confusion and descriptive objections, which can be very frustrating in getting your trademark(s) registered!

Confusion objections occur often enough that it’s worth an explanation:

The difference between the “ALL IN” and “BELLS AND WHISTLES” package is $350. Sounds like a lot. But if a confusion objection has issued with the former package, the hourly rate of addressing this objection, combined with other legal fees, always exceeds $350. In fact, the savings becomes apparent with even one “office action” issued by the Trademark Office. This doesn’t include instances in which multiple objections have issued, which happen more often than you might realize!

With the “BELLS AND WHISTLES” package, your fees are set from the get go; you’ll know that you won’t need to pay a dime extra, regardless of how many times we have to respond to objections. And finally, if we do get a refusal, we’ll re-file your trademark through our “ALL IN” Package (a $745 value). And even if we don’t get any confusion objections, the added bonuses above still make this package the best deal for your investment.

Our “BELLS AND WHISTLES” package can be compared to good insurance. You won’t know if you need to make a claim, especially one resulting from a frustrating confusion objection. But if you do, then you’re covered!

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