Should I file a trademark now or should I wait?

First of all, there is no legal requirement for you to file a trademark. However, it makes sense to do it.

Ideally, you want to trademark your brand as soon as you realize that your brand is valuable and that you don’t want to lose it to somebody else.

If you have spent time coming up with a unique name and logo, then you should take the time to protect it by trademarking.

Imagine what happens if you don’t trademark your brand?

Somebody may steal your name and use it as theirs. Or, you may receive a cease and desist letter asking you to stop using your name.

It is much more difficult for you to enforce your rights if you don’t have a registered trademark.

Registering your trademark is one of the most cost-effective and practical ways to protect your brand.

By waiting to register you are not gaining anything but you are risking your brand. If somebody else decides to register your brand, it will be much more difficult for you to prove your rights.

So don’t delay – register today!

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