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When can you upgrade to a different package?

You can upgrade to a different package at any time before an objection is issued for your trademark. Once an objection is received, an upgrade option is no longer available. It’s similar to insurance: you can buy insurance at any time before you have a claim; once you have a claim, you cannot no longer buy insurance.

How can you upgrade?

You can go to our respective country page and buy an upgrade (shown below on each country page). Alternatively, send us an email or call us at 226.246.2979 saying you wish to upgrade and we’ll send you a manual invoice.

Do you have to upgrade your package?

No, you don’t need to. It’s purely your decision. In some instances, we may recommend to upgrade.

When consider upgrading?

Please consider upgrading to BELLS AND WHISTLES package once you receive comprehensive search results with our report. We only recommend upgrading to BELLS AND WHISTLES package if we find some similar trademarks that may be an obstacle during the registration process. If we recommend to upgrade, most likely there will be an objection and we’ll need to submit an argument against it. So the BELLS AND WHISTLES package will be a cheaper option for you after all.

In addition, if you decided to include multiple classes in your trademark application, consider upgrading to BELLS AND WHISTLES Package as it includes unlimited classes.

In the US, Canada, Australia and China, we always recommend to buy at least an ALL IN package as minor objections are very common. In addition, in the US a statement of use may be required (included in the ALL IN package but not included in the SAIL THROUGH package). Consider upgrading to the ALL IN Package if you bought SAIL THROUGH Package for US, Canada, Australia and China.

Finally, if you want re-filing guarantee peace of mind, consider upgrading to either the ALL IN or BELLS AND WHISTLES package.

Remember to upgrade before an objection of any type is