Registering a trademark is a time-consuming and complicated process. That’s why the Canadian Trademarks Office recommends hiring a registered agent. A full list of trademark agents can be found here:

Following August 3, 2019 changes in the US, non-US domiciled applicants must now hire a US attorney in order to file their trademark in the US.

In fact, in most countries where you file a local attorney is necessary.

A trademark professional will help you by:

  • Conducting a proper trademark search to determine if your trademark can be registered.


  • Increasing your chances of getting your trademark registered. A 2013 Wall Street Journal article reports that register trademark applicants represented by a trademark professional are 50% more likely to get through the registration process than those that who go it alone. Although this is a US article, I am sure statistics in Canada is similar.


  • Saving you time—a trademark professional will monitor all Trademarks Office updates, leaving you time to run your business. A trademark lawyer/agent will also correspond with foreign asssociates on your behalf if you file in other countries.


  • Saving you money— if you file incorrectly, your trademark will be refused and you will have to pay additional fees to re-file. If you have already spent time on your brand, such as website, business cards, stationery, advertising, you will have to re-brand and this will be expensive.


  • Giving you invaluable advice when you need it.


  • Helping you to sleep soundly at night – a weak trademark will leave you vulnerable to receiving a “cease and desist” letter and to court actions.

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