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  • Together we speak fluent English, Russian, Japanese, Armenian, Polish, Tagalo, Bengali along with basic Spanish, French, and Hebrew.

  • Our team consists of  5 professionals and 7 support staff.

  • At Trademark Angel, we work in internet time, not lawyer time. This means you won’t have to wait days for somebody to return your voicemail or email. We strive to return all phone calls/emails within the same business day.

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Why Anita

Anita Mar
Anita MarFounder, Registered Trademark Agent

My Story

At the age of 16 I went study economics in England. During that time I realized that economics was not really what I wanted to pursue. Having completed my bachelor’s, I decided to move to Israel for a while. In October of 1999, I was studying Hebrew in Israel while working part-time as an au-pair. The work I was doing was very taxing and I knew that I couldn’t keep up for much longer. This posed a problem, though, because my extremely limited Hebrew limited my prospects of finding a good job. Then I saw an English ad in a Tel Aviv newspaper that read, “An American lawyer is looking for a trademark paralegal.” At the time I didn’t know what a paralegal was but, since the ad was in English, I thought I would use that to my advantage. I applied and was called for an interview. I met an American lawyer whose paralegal had suddenly left Israel. He hired me on the spot. Over the next three years, I learned a lot about US trademark prosecution, as his practice was mainly US trademark law. In 2004 my husband and I left for Canada, where a month later I found a job in the trademark department of a multi-national firm, Gowlings. During this time, I decided to become a licensed paralegal and, in 2007, successfully finished Vancouver Community College. At the same time that I started the college, I persuaded my boss to let me study to become a registered trademark agent.

I had incredible mentors, including the former president of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. A trademark agent is the only position recognized to file and prosecute trademarks at the Trademarks Office. To become an agent, one must be a trademark agent trainee for two years and pass a very difficult exam. At the end of a two-year study, I took the Trademark Agent qualifying exam. Terrified of failing and becoming the subject of colleague’s jokes, I learned everything there is to know about trademarks and trademark law. It helped that I really enjoyed trademark law and felt I finally found my passion. Six months later, the results came. Not only did I pass the exam, I got the highest mark in Canada! I was overjoyed and became a trademark agent.

After seven years, I left Gowlings when my second son was born. I realized I couldn’t handle the 3-hour daily commute. I was lucky enough to find a firm that allowed me to work remotely. The arrangement worked so well that I even moved from Vancouver to Windsor while continuing to work for the company. When my third son was born, a new idea was born with him: I dreamed about opening my own practice. This is how Trademark AngelTM came to be. As a startup company, we realize that cash flow can be a barrier between you and your goals. Between overhead capital, managing inventory, and marketing logistics, there’s enough on your plate. Throughout my career, I’ve seen countless people come for a quote on a trademark, learn what it would cost them, turn around and walk out, probably having given up on the idea for good. It shouldn’t be this way. The necessary step of obtaining a trademark should be as stress-free, affordable, and streamlined as possible. Nothing should stop you from achieving success, and we’re here to do our part. Our mission is to make trademarking affordable for everyone, including startups, without compromising the quality.

It’s what we do, we do it well, and it won’t put you through hell.

Let Trademark AngelTM help.

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Why Kaiko

Kaiko Shimura
Kaiko ShimuraUS attorney, MA and NY bars

Hi, my name is Kaiko Shimura and I am a graduate of Boston College Law School (class of 2010). I am barred in both Massachusetts and New York state but currently reside in Tokyo, Japan. I have extensive experience drafting litigation documents such as motions and briefs, and trademark objection responses. I love legal writing and research and use both to structure strong arguments for all of my clients.

My hobbies include CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, reading, and art.

I look forward to working with you regarding all your trademark registration needs.

Why Daniel

Daniel Finn
Daniel FinnAustralian Lawyer, Legal Practitioner

Daniel Finn is a Legal Practitioner with over a decade of experience in trademark, intellectual property, and general commercial law. He has started practising law after graduating from the University of Melbourne law school. In addition to Trademark and IP matters, he assists domestic and foreign businesses in international dealings, incorporation, tax advice, franchise and licensing.

Why Doris

Doris Xie
Doris XieChinese lawyer and trademark practitioner

Doris Xie is a Chinese legal practitioner. Doris graduated from Shenyang Normal University of China and also studied in Vrije University in Belgium. She is very experienced in trademark prosecution process in China. She served some of the big clients like Danone Group, Michelin Group, Swarovski, Coca Cola and International Trade Center of United Nations.

Why Costin

Costin Expert WordPress Developer & Private Maths Tutor

Costin is an Expert WordPress Developer based in London, UK. He spends his days with his hands in many different areas of web development from back-end programming (WP-CLI, PHP, MySQL) to front-end engineering (WP, HTML, CSS, jQuery/Javascript, Bootstrap ), e-commerce development, membership platforms, WordPress migrations and user experience.

He is extremely passionate about web development in all its forms and really enjoys helping small businesses build and improve their online presence. Aside from web development, he enjoys spending his time reading tech articles, giving lessons in web programming languages and Maths, and playing rummy.

Anita photo

Anita Mar
CEO and Registered Trademark Agent at Trademark Angel Inc.

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