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remove hijacker from amazon listing

Hijacker removal from your Amazon listing

A lot of Amazon sellers contact us because their listings have been hijacked by another seller. They are generating lower revenue than before and the quality of the product is questioned by the users in the reviews. Their product ranks are getting down because someone else is providing the same product at a lower price. This is a very complicated situation because the businesses invest so much time and money to create a product, to obtain good reviews and to promote it. The new sellers on the Amazon platform are afraid because of the hijackers.

There are ways how you can prevent others from hijacking your Amazon listing. There are also various methods how you can remove hijackers from your listings.

In short, there are 3 ways to remove hijackers:

  1. deal directly with Amazon through their support center (not always effective and time-consuming as you often need to do a test buy);
  2. legal way through cease and desist letters and often with an attorney representation (can be expensive and also not always effective);
  3. other ways, when you know somebody in Amazon who can help your case (quick and effective, but you need to have connections).

How can we help you? We use a variation of methods 2 and 3 to give you the quickest result. We can also help you to optimize your listing to prevent hijackers in the future.

We work with trusted professionals who can help you with your Amazon listing optimization and hijacker removal issues. Our service is guaranteed.

Pricing of Our Hijacker Removal Packages

The prices are in USD$


  • For unregisered brands. Removal submitted within 48 hours.


  • Guaranteed service or 2nd removal on us! Best for registered brands.


  • In addition to guaranteed removal, full listing audit and consult.

Details about pricing packages

TIPS to prevent hijackers on your listing

  • Get a trademark and be brand registered in the US (9-12 months) or UK (3.5 months).
  • Note: A UK registered trademark WILL remove a hijacker on amazon.com with our help.
  • Differentiate your product with unique bundles, unique designs and unique packaging. This will make it more difficult for hijackers to copy your listing.
  • Have your brand logo clearly evident on your listing and on your listing photographs showing the products.
  • Create a website with your brand name in the URL.
  • Send cease and desist letters: you can use attorneys if it gets complicated, but they are effective on their own.
  • Many more tips are available with the purchase of our Premium – Triple Dragon hijacker removal package.
  • Note the difference between a reseller and a hijacker:


A reseller is someone who has purchased your product from you at some point and has decided to sell it on Amazon. While this can be annoying, they are actually selling your real product so it’s ok for them to do this. If you are not brand registered, there is little you can do to have them removed from your listing.

Hijacker (piggybacker)

A hijacker or a piggybacker is someone who is trying to sell a fake version of your product and is claiming that it’s the same thing. Sometimes they will try to replicate the packaging to make an exact copy, but other times it will be a totally different product.

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