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Packages Description

The prices are in CAD$ for Canada, and in USD$ for US and EU filings.


  • Covers filing your application and reporting the progress all the way to registration. 2 classes included. This is our entry-level package.


  • Covers full trademark registration, including reporting and responding to non-substantive examiner’s objections and free re-filing.


  • Covers all aspects of trademark registration, including responding to all examiner’s objections and free re-filing. More free extras.

Details about pricing packages

Countries where we file:




United States

european union

European Union / United Kingdom

How we file

Our firm employs registered Canadian trademark agents, US attorneys, and European representatives.

 We also have super-low deals for Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Mexico, India, and China.


Description of our packages

To speed up the process of getting you into the Amazon Brand Registry, we also offer filing in the United Kingdom

We offer the same pricing in the UK as for the US and EU: SAIL THROUGH package is $395; ALL IN is $745 and BELLS AND WHISTLES package is $1095.

The UK government fees are GBP 170 for the first class and GBP 50 for each additional class.

In the UK, the Trademarks Office will not refuse your trademark based on confusion so examination is only done on absolute grounds (i.e. formalities, classification, distinctiveness, descriptiveness and deception). This is why the risk of an opposition is higher in the UK.

No statement of use is required in order to register your trademark in the UK, so overall it’s an easier and faster process.

It takes only 4 months to register a trademark in the UK.

Government fees are not included in our packages and are extra

Special Discounts

Registering your trademark AND a corresponding logo? Registering two unrelated trademarks in the same country?  We offer discounted rates of 20% off for the 2nd trademark filed simultaneously in the same country. Filing even more?

Contact us. We are happy to offer volume discounts.


  • Each package comes with our “Meet-and-beat” guarantee. Find an offer identical to ours? We’ll not only meet it but beat it by 10%.
  • In addition, each package comes with the “I changed my mind” guarantee. If you change your mind within 48 hours, you will get a full refund (if we haven’t started working on your application.
  • Free re-filing of your trademark is offered with our ALL IN and BELLS AND WHISTLES packages.

Detailed Package Comparison

 Sail Through   All In  Bells & Whistles

Prices are in C$ for Canadian filings and in US$ for US and EU filings

$ 395


$ 1095

Prices are in C$ for Canadian filings and in US$ for US and EU filings.
These prices are for the 2nd mark filed in the same country *

$ 320


$ 875

Service we offer
Before we file
Consultations with a registered trademark agent
(no limit - we are not happy until you are happy)
Direct hit search
Registrability search
If your name is not registrable, we will work with you and help you to find a registrable name
Filing and examination
Preparing your trademark application
Filing your trademark
Reporting filing and docketing deadlines
Conducting a status check
Initiating cancellation proceedings against a confusing mark
Consulting with a trademark agent, if necessary
Filing a certified copy of a foreign registration
Preparing and filing a response to a non-substantive office action
(addressing formality or re-specification of goods/services)
Preparing and filing a response to a substantive office action
(addressing confusion or descriptiveness)
Requesting an extension of time to respond to an office action
Approval, publication and oppositions
Reviewing Notice of Approval
Reporting Notice of Approval
Reporting publication in the Trademarks Journal
Reporting a Statement of Opposition if your trademark was opposed
(or an Extension of time to oppose) **

Providing initial recommendations if your trademark was opposed
Allowance and registration
Reviewing and reporting Notice of Allowance
Requesting an Extension of time to Submit Declaration of Use
(Statement of Use in the US)

$50 for each extension
Submitting Declaration of Use and paying registration fee (in Canada)
$150 extra
Submitting Statement of Use and specimens of use (in the US)
$150 extra
Reviewing, docketing and reporting Registration Certificate
Maintenance and other
Reminder about renewal deadline
Recording a change of company address
Recording a change of company name
Recording assignments
Writing a cease and desist letter, if appropriate
Other features and guarantees
Unlimited number of classes
2 classes
No extra fees for each extra class
$50 for each extra class
Free re-filing guarantee

"Meet and beat" guarantee
"Changed my mind" guarantee
No extra hourly charges
Unlimited consultations with a trademark agent (your trademark related matters)
Trademark Strategy review - comprehensive audit of your trademark portfolio with recommendations
Trademark monitoring
(confusion watch service)

1 Yr

1 Yr

Filing your logo at 20% discount (if filed together with the primary trademark)
Walking your dog

- you pay for my travel 🙂

*(when filed together with your primary trademark for identical products and services). 2nd trademark must be from the same or lower priced package.
**Opposition work beyond reporting a Statement of Opposition is charged on an hourly basis. An estimate will be provided.
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Anita Mar
CEO and Registered Trademark Agent at Trademark Angel Inc.

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