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Register a Trademark in the US

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US trademark registration process is probably one of the most complex. We know all the little tricks to register your US trademark quickly with the lowest risk of getting a complex objection. With the multitude of forms to navigate, you can trust our firm’s experience for your US trademark filing needs.

Important highlights about the US trademark registration process:

  • Your trademark is reviewed on absolute and relative grounds and it can be refused if there is a similar mark or if the mark is descriptive or deceptive.

  • There is a Supplemental Register in the US so if your trademark is descriptive or a common surname you can still register it (unlike in many other countries).

  • Trademarks on the Supplemental Register will NOT allow you to get in the Brand Registry.

  • Objections are very common. The best way to minimize one is to do a proper search and file an application without any errors.

  • You need to submit proof of use for your products/services before your trademark registers; however, you can file a trademark based on an intent-to-use basis, aka “future use”.

  • Opposition period is only 30 days.

  • Trademark registration process is about 9-11 months if everything goes well.

  • Trademark registration process often takes a much longer time especially if an objection is received or if applicant is unable to file a Statement of use in time.

We have great US attorneys, who work with us on a contract basis. We will be able to handle all aspects of trademark registration in the US, except opposition and litigation. If we are unable to help, we have a large network of capable attorneys and will gladly refer you to one who will be able to help.

Pricing of Our Packages

The prices are in USD$ for the US


  • Covers filing your application and reporting the progress all the way to registration. 2 classes included. This is our entry-level package.


  • Covers full trademark registration, including reporting and responding to non-substantive examiner’s objections and free re-filing.


  • Covers all aspects of trademark registration, including responding to all examiner’s objections and free re-filing. More free extras.

Details about pricing packages

Government fees are not included in our packages and are extra


Upgrade 1

  • Upgrade “SAIL THROUGH” package to “ALL IN” package

Upgrade 2

  • Upgrade “SAIL THROUGH” package to “BELLS AND WHISTLES” package

Upgrade 3

  • Upgrade “ALL IN” package to “BELLS AND WHISTLES” package