Trademark Angel is a company you can definitely rely on. They helped us get a trademark on our brand logo. The whole process only took 6 months, and it only cost me about $600 dollars.

They honestly have a great service and the representatives were so nice as well. Now, my trademark can be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.

Thank you, Trademark Angel.

Hailie Reid

Anita and her team are knowledgeable and resourceful.

I got my trademark done for US for 3 classes without any issues through them. They were fair and guided me through the entire process. Recommend them for sure..

Harsh Patel, Athena Futures

Great communication every step of the way.

Trademark registered in the time frame we needed. Great advice selecting classes. Will be working the team again soon.

Farai Kufakwedu, Stone House

Awesome firm, provided great service, always reply quickly, Trademark Angel representatives explain everything in details, registered one trademark with this agency in USA, in the process of registering second trademark.

Highly recommend this agency

Alexandr Golicov, Voltrix

Trademark Angel is a wonderful company in helping getting your trademark registration done!

Anita is very knowledgeable. She is honest and very easy to work with. Her knowledge in e-commerce brand registration really impressed me and she offered great advice on how to get things done right and fast. Her team keeps me updated all the time which I really like. Highly recommend anyone who are still searching around for a good trademark registration service, especially to those e-commerce business owners!

Gui Caroline, Mindbeast

Anita and the team have been terrific to work with! Very skilled and knowledgable about the trademark business…….

excellent follow up!

I also really appreciated the added bonus instructing us through how to apply and be approved for brand registry! Thank you Anita and the entire Trademark Angel team!

We could not be happier with our experience with Anita and Trademark Angel.

They are always so responsive and really get things done. Their pricing was very affordable and they got us approved quicker than it usually happen. Definitely recommend their service.

James Roby, EpiqueOne

My trademark issues were somewhat complicated, and I am truly grateful for Trademark Angel to guide my trademark project to a successful conclusion.

They are very experienced and responsive, and throughout the process they were unfailingly knowledgeable with guidance and instructions. Your trademark work will be in very good hands with Anita and her team, and you cannot beat the price.

Yoav Palatnik, Floralia Organics

I highly recommend this service.

When we first started looking for a company to help us with 8 trademarks, it seemed daunting. However, I heard about Anita on a podcast and we are very glad we went with her company. They took care of everything we needed to A-Z for getting 8 trademarks registered. They are very responsive and are there to help with any questions.

Premium Shoppe, Premium Shoppe

I worked with Anita at Trademark Angel to register a trademark for my small business.

I sought help because the process seemed complicated and I was immersed in the other aspects of the business. Anita was completely competent, professional, and smooth and my trademark was registered successfully and somewhat easily. It is a multi-step process and I continued with her from beginning to end.

Jennie Peterson Yu, Henry & bros.

Before using these guys this the team I was working with was like pulling teeth to get replies and were moving incredibly slow.

I found out about Trademark Angel, severed my ties with my previous advisor, and paid half of the original price I paid, to get the job done in 1/2 the time. Great stuff.

Sean Stone, Stone's Goods

Very professional people, easy to talk to, they ask alot of good questions, they are 100% easy to work with and have the ability to cut right thru the complicated legal stuff and talk to you in a way you can easily understand.

The whole process was quick and easy. I would highly recommend this company and their service. I will use them again and I will use their ongoing other services. Well done! Thanks for being there with me from the beginning to the end!

Denise Craig, Narrow Path Sales

I am extremely impressed with Trademark Angel.

Anita is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. My trademark registration process was smooth and quick. Thank you!!

Andre Pow, Wnopa

My experience with Trademark Angel has been incredible! I tried registering my trademark on my own at first to save some money.

My application was initially denied. I had just heard of Trademark Angel on a podcast recently, so I decided to work with them on a reply to the USPTO. Anita was extremely straightforward and honest about the likelihood of approval, what my options were, and left the decision to me without pressure.

We decided to proceed with a response to the USPTO and they did such an incredible job with the response that the USPTO changed their decision and approved my trademark!

I am SO SO glad I worked with them. There’s no way I could’ve done this without them. I’d recommend their services to anyone looking to register a trademark and will definitely be using them again.

Matt Proper, Bondwell

Trademark Angel made it easy to get my trademark registered.

I never would have thought of some of the little details they helped with, making the long process as easy and quick as possible.

Laura Meckley, Stickamajigger

Trademark Angel is the first business we mandated for that kind of work and seriously the result obtained worth every dollar we paid. Anita our registered trademark agent has done an incredible job and that in an impressive short of time. All process long, she answered our questions and kept us informed of the developments. We recommend that business with confidence to everyone who need real professionals to pass through that process in the complicated world of trademarks and patents.

Thanks for the very good service.

Phillipe St, FNX Group Inc.

I was looking for someone who could help me to solve the TM matters.

And I’m lucky to get know the Trademark Angel company. Here I got professional help. I am very grateful for the good and a timely work. Thank you for excellent job!

Ellen Rabov, Klouders

I didn’t know anything about trademarking or how to approach it until I found Trademark Angel. They took care of all my trademark filings. Some of the marks have already been published and more are on the way!

They are always available to answer any of my questions and I feel totally at ease entrusting them with my trademarks. What makes this even better is their prices: they are truly affordable. Couple with unparalleled service and friendliness I can wholeheartedly recommend Trademark Angel to anyone who is thinking about a trademark.

Thank You!

Venue Milliways, DuraDetox

Trademark Angel is a very great company to work with.

They are honest, fun, and understand that businesses come from a start-up budget. Also very excelled at trademarks.

They call tehm the Trademark Angel for a reason!

whTrent Schneweis, Wealthy Hustler

Excellent job! Great advice on all the goods and services needed in each class for my needs.

Perfect communication and work organization.

She has a lot of experience and always chooses the right option, I am very sure that she is the best.

We will continue to collaborate when I register in other countries. A +++

Manny Lopez, Samechat

Anita Mar responded to my job request and I chose to use her services because she clearly knew all about the trademark application process and offered a professional yet friendly response.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Anita and she has completed my job in a timely and highly professional manner.

I like that she takes pride in her work and is not simply finished with you at the end of the contract but instead, is happy to continue to look after issues that may arise in the future. Thanks Anita.

KangazonSimon Nelson,