We can help you to reinstate your Amazon seller account.

As reasons for suspension can be different, please contact us with your details to get a custom flat-fee quote. Our prices are very reasonable and very competitive.

1. How long does it take to write an appeal?

A: Please allow 7-14 days to prepare an appeal after we receive all the requested information.

2. What information do you need to start working on the reinstatement?

A: We will need some information from you and we’ll also need your support as we continue working on the reinstatement.

We’ll need: Seller Performance Notifications, you will also be involved as we need to ask more questions to understand the situation and assess if we can help you as not all suspensions are the same. We need access to the account specific to MYI, Seller performance notifications, A-Z Guarantee Claim, Orders, Buyer Seller Messages and Seller Metrics.

3. Can you reinstate my entire account as well as my ASIN listings?

A: Yes, the main goal is to reinstatement your Amazon account. Once this is done, the listings will be reinstated as well.

4. Can you guarantee reinstatement?

A: With Amazon account suspensions, nobody can give you 100% guarantee as we depend on Amazon. Our success rate is 75% for accounts reinstatement.

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