My Amazon account has been suspended. Can you help?

We can help you to reinstate your Amazon seller account. As reasons for suspension can be different, please contact us with your details to get a custom flat-fee quote. Our prices are very reasonable and very competitive. 1. How long does it take to write an appeal? A: Please allow 7-14 days to prepare an [...]

Can you help with hijackers on my Amazon listing?

There are a few ways how you can prevent others from hijacking your Amazon listing. There are also various methods how you can remove hijackers from your listings. To describe, there are 3 ways to remove hijackers: deal  with Amazon through their support center (not always effective and can be time-consuming as you often need [...]

What are different types of names? Company name vs business name vs domain name vs trademark?

What is the difference between company name, business name, domain name and brand or trademark? What are different types of company, domain, business or brand names? Let's get the names straight to avoid confusion. Company name: Legal name of the company, either registered federally or in a certain state (or province in Canada). Example: Microsoft Corporation [...]

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Do I need to register a trademark if my business incorporated?

If you simply business incorporate or register a corporate name, it doesn't mean that the government approved for you to use the name as a trademark. If we take a US LLC, as an example, every state has its own laws about business names. You can register your LLC name in Delaware but the business name registration [...]

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What is the difference between a UK and EU trademark?

A UK trademark only protects you in the UK, which consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There is no protection outside of the UK. A UK trademark is filed in the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO). A trademark filed in the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) is called an EU trademark (formerly known [...]

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Can I use my trademark if it isn’t registered?

It’s perfectly legal for you to use your trademark without registration. However, if you are using a trademark that is similar to another name that was adopted before you adopted your trademark, you may be liable for trademark infringement. To minimize the risk of choosing a trademark that's similar to another name, you should do [...]

How not to invalidate your trademark: proper trademark usage rules

Camila runs a fitness and cycling studio. She has developed a unique way that allows her members to lose weight while doing yoga exercises combined with cycling intervals. Her business has grown exponentially and Camila has recently completed registration of her trademark JENRIDE and of her logo. She also thinks about licensing her program. She [...]

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Can you trademark book titles?

The general rule is that book titles (unless part of a series) cannot be registered as trademarks. Trademarks are really meant to function as the identifiers (source) of goods and services, and book titles don’t really fulfill this function. In the US, one cannot trademark a title of a single creative work. If you have [...]

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How long does it take to register a trademark?

It takes a minimum of 8 months to register trademark in the US. If there are office actions (objections from the Trademarks Office), then registration will be delayed. It's not uncommon for a registration to take a year or longer. It takes 20 months to register a trademark in Canada. It's painfully slo-o-ow. Don't ask [...]

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