How does the process work with Trademark Angel? What happens after I buy a trademark package?

There are 3 ways how you can proceed: Book an initial phone call with us. Here is the link. Ask for a free preliminary trademark search to get an idea whether your trademark can be registered. This is a basic search but if your mark is unregistrable, we’ll be able to tell you. Order your search [...]

What information do I need to provide in order to file a trademark application in the EU or the UK?

The full legal name of the applicant (either your company or your personal name) The full address of the applicant. The trademark name. If you are filing for a logo, we need to see the logo. If you are using a few color variations, please send them all as filing in black and white in the [...]

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Will the Trademark Office refund the government fees if my trademark is refused?

Unfortunately the government fees for a trademark filing are never refundable. When a trademark application is filed, the government fees are paid. Once they are paid, they are not refunded for any reason. If your application is filed incorrectly (for the wrong goods, for the wrong trademark or in the wrong name) and you decide [...]

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Should we file our trademark in Chinese characters in China?

When filing in China, a common question is whether the English version of the trademark is sufficient, or whether a corresponding trademark in Chinese characters should be filed as well. For the Chinese transliteration, please see our suggestions below: Generally, for an overseas brand which will officially enter the Chinese market, it is strongly suggested to [...]

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Classification of Goods and Services in a Trademark Application (class headings)

Every trademark application must list the specific goods and services that the trademark will cover. Products belong to classes 1 to 34. Services belong to classes 35 to 45. Products are tangible, you can touch them. Services are intangible. Below is a rough classification (class headings) just to give you an idea of general categories  [...]

Are the packages listed on the website apply to both trademarking a word/phrase and a logo?

The packages are per trademark filing / per trademark application. A trademark application can be filed for a) a word mark/ phrase For example, a word mark /phrase is: LOVE YOU, MOM! b)  a logo only (image with no text) For example, this is a logo mark consisting of an image only: c) a combined [...]

What are considered absolute grounds for trademark refusal?

Some trademarks cannot be registered on absolute grounds. It's important that your trademark does not fall in any of the categories below in order to be registrable: your trademark does not function as a trademark, i.e. as a source indicator your trademark clearly descriptive of goods or services your trademark is generic and is merely [...]

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Why is it important to monitor newly filed trademarks in the EU and the UK?

Trademarks Office in the EU  and the UK will not refuse your trademark if there is a prior filed or previously registered similar trademark. Instead the Trademarks Office in the EU and the UK only looks at absolute grounds (i.e. if the mark is deception or descriptive, it may be refused). However, if there is [...]

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