• The full legal name of the applicant (either your company or your personal name)
  • State of incorporation (if filing in your company name) or citizenship (if filing in personal name)
  • The full address of the applicant.
  • The telephone number and email address (not required).
  • The trademark name. If you are filing for a logo, we need to see the logo.
  • The products which you sell or plan to sell under your trademark (provide a list).
  • The services which you offer or plan to offer under your trademark (provide a list).
  • Whether the trademark been used in the US: yes/no. If yes, the date of first use (sale) in the US for each product and service.
  • Specimens of use if your trademark is already in use. Specimens of use are photos of your products with your trademark clearly shown either on the products themselves or their packaging. Specimens of use for services can be a screenshot of your website where your trademark is clearly seen.

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