The packages are per trademark filing / per trademark application.

A trademark application can be filed for

a) a word mark/ phrase

For example, a word mark /phrase is: LOVE YOU, MOM!

b)  a logo only (image with no text)

For example, this is a logo mark consisting of an image only:

trademark a logo only

c) a combined logo (word mark/phrase + image)

For example, this is a combined logo (it also technically a logo since it has an image):

combined trademark

If budget allows, it’s better to file for a) and b) separately as you can then use these marks separately, in any combination.

Please note that logo alone (b) will not qualify you for Amazon Brand Registry as it has no literal element (nothing that you can read/pronounce).

Please read more about different types of marks here: Which trademark should I File? Word Mark or Logo?

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