A specimen of use is an example of how your trademark is used on goods and services in the marketplace. Goods means products.

To show use for goods, your trademark should be affixed/attached on the actual product or packaging of the product. A photo, mockup or drawing of the mark is not enough.

A person can submit tags, instruction manuals, containers, labels, or packaging materials. It may be the easiest to take a photo of your product and/or the packaging and ensure that the trademark is clearly visible.

Advertising materials are generally not acceptable as a specimen for goods.

If you offer services, the easiest way to prove use is to provide a screenshot of your website so that the trademark is clearly visible in the website header. You can also provide flyers, directory listings, and brochures. A business card or a photos of your business signage could be an acceptable specimen of use for services if the card displays your trademark along with the services the mark is associated with.

It is important to submit the right specimens of use in order to avoid trademark refusal. If you are not sure which specimens will be acceptable, call Trademark Angel.

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