Are the packages listed on the website apply to both trademarking a word/phrase and a logo?

The packages are per trademark filing / per trademark application. A trademark application can be filed for a) a word mark/ phrase For example, a word mark /phrase is: LOVE YOU, MOM! b)  a logo only (image with no text) For example, this is a logo mark consisting of an image only: c) a combined [...]

Can you help me to respond to an office action? Can you help me file a Statement of Use?

While our main business model is to offer flat-fee registration packages that take care of the registration process from start to finish, we can also help you if you filed your trademark application yourself or through another company. So if you received an objection or need help with your trademark application that's already filed, we [...]

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Why our “BELLS AND WHISTLES” package is worth the investment?

While our "BELLS AND WHISTLES" package may seem like an initially steep investment, the benefits it provides end up paying long-term dividends to those who are serious about the protection of their trademarks!" This package comes with some cool bonuses that you don't get with the "ALL IN" package: If your trademark is refused by [...]

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What’s the difference between “SAIL THROUGH” package and “ALL IN” package?

I am glad you asked. It's simple. "ALL IN" package includes everything that "SAIL THROUGH" package includes and in addition it includes responses to non-substantive office actions (objections from Trademarks Office). Please read more about office action in this post. "ALL IN" package also includes filing of a Statement of Use for intent-to-use applications in [...]

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Why should I hire a trademark agent? Why should I hire a trademark lawyer? Can I register trademark myself?

Registering a trademark is a time-consuming and complicated process. That’s why the Canadian Trademarks Office recommends hiring a registered agent. A full list of trademark agents can be found here: A trademark agent will help you by: Conducting a proper trademark search to determine if your trademark can be registered.   Increasing your chances [...]

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Why should I use Trademark Angel to register my trademark?

There are so many trademark agents and lawyers that it’s difficult to choose the right one. Here is why you should choose us: We guarantee that a trademark professional will work on your file (not an assistant, not a paralegal, not a machine). We offer flat fees. So your budget is predictable from the get-go. [...]

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How can I trust you?

Anita Mar is a Canadian registered trademark agent. You can check Anita’s status here, on the Trademarks Office website: Anita has worked very hard to become a trademark agent and received the highest mark in Canada during 2008 qualifying trademark agent exam. Kaiko Shimura is a US licensed attorney (state of New York bar [...]

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Anita Mar
CEO and Registered Trademark Agent at Trademark Angel Inc.

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