What are different types of names? Company name vs business name vs domain name vs trademark?

A lot of our clients get confused when trying to understand the difference between a company name and a trademark. Are they the same? What about the business name? And the domain name? Does it have to match the company name and trademark? There are a lot of questions and figuring these all out is [...]

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What are Trademark Assignments? How can I transfer my trademark to somebody else?

When assigning US trademark applications and registrations you must take into consideration many potential issues that may arise. There are critical requirements for trademark assignment that must be met for an assignment to be legit. This article, hopefully, will give you insight and factual advice applicable to all trademarks. Also included are special requirements for [...]

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How to Handle a Trademark Cease and Desist Letter?

What Is a Cease and Desist Letter? A trademark cease and desist letter is sent to an alleged offender, which describes the misconduct by the wrongdoer and demands that the misconduct is ceased immediately. This notice is sent to inform the wrongdoer that legal action may be taken if the misconduct continues. These letters are [...]

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