What is Section 8 trademark declaration of use? When do I file Section 8 affidavit of use?

Congratulations, your trademark has been registered! Now, what? You only have to renew it every ten years, right? Actually, there’s a bit more work to be done. After a mark is successfully registered, you, the owner of the mark, must prove that your mark has been used in commerce for a continuous period of five [...]

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What should a foreign business know about filing a trademark in China?

This is the 3rd article in our series of 3 articles about Chinese trademarks. Read our 1st article here and our 2nd article here. General information about trademark application in China   “First-to-File” System: Whoever files a trademark application first, gets the eventual registration. No evidence of use is required to get a registration. Member of Paris [...]

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Why you should file your trademark in China now

A Guide to the Chinese Trademark Registration Process – Part 2 Why you should file your Chinese trademark now This is the 2nd article in our series of 3 article about Chinese trademarks. Read our 1st article here. As the second largest economic entity in the world, China has a broad market, and Chinese market [...]

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Trademark registration process in China

A Guide to the Chinese Trademark Registration Process - Part 1 Chinese articles series. Article 1 of 3.   When a trademark application is filed, the China Trademark Office (CTMO) will review the application. Then an official receipt will be issued (usually takes about 15-30 days for the official receipt to issue). The CTMO will [...]

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Can you trademark a color alone? Can you copyright a color?

Colors by themselves aren't protected by copyright. An arrangement of colors, for example, in painting is protected by copyright, and such copyright belongs to the creator of the painting. A single color may be protected as a trademark. In many countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, and EU, it is possible to register [...]

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Taking Advantage of the Trademark Classification & the Trademark Class Systems

Introduction Competition for finding newer and prospective markets for promoting a branded product or service is so fiercely intense nowadays that majority of brand promoters or owners are willing to indulge in trickery to an extent. In this respect, if you own a unique product or service and have been marketing it for quite some [...]

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Can I buy someone else’s trademark?

If you’ve done it before, you’ll know that trademark registration can take a long time. A really long time. And nobody likes to wait, especially if you’re an Amazon seller and you needed your trademark yesterday. I’m often asked: can I just buy someone else’s trademark? Why do I have to go through the long [...]

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Preserving High‑Yield Cannabis Strains in Canada is an Evolving Concern and Priority

Environmentally conscious investors, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs are leaving no stone unturned in cashing in on the market for green cannabis. Towards this end, market players who fund, develop, cultivate and market the weed, and its numerous variants or derivatives should familiarize themselves with the nitty‑gritty of IPS (intellectual property rights) related with such produce. [...]

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Trademarking marijuana and its products in the US and Canada

Both in the US and Canada, the current view of business owners and entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry is that they cannot protect the brands they use or brand their existing products related directly or indirectly to cannabis or its by‑products. The belief may present itself as well‑founded, but it is inaccurate! These ‘marijuana marks’ [...]

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