TIPS To Remove Hijackers On Your Amazon Listing

After you have spent considerable time and effort to launch a product on Amazon, the last thing you need is for someone to come along and sell a cheap knockoff of your product and hijack your listing. There are ways how you can prevent others from hijacking your Amazon listing and what you can do [...]

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Finding the Fast-Track to the Amazon Brand Registry

Finding the Fast-Track to the Amazon Brand Registry                     Tips from TRADEMARK ANGEL What every Amazon seller (current and prospective!) needs to know to make the most of their online brand   [Important! If you’re reading this and thinking, “I’m already registered on Amazon,” please note that Amazon Brand Registry 1.0 Holders (the first [...]

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Steps To Follow When Starting Your Online Business

You've grown weary of attending to your 9‑to‑5 job as you do not foresee any prospects of career progression. You are very keen to go it alone by starting your online venture as you have seen many of your colleagues and friends strike gold by following that route. However, you have absolutely no idea on how [...]

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Are you an Amazon seller? It’s time to register your trademark!

Amazon’s new Brand Registry program requirements were released in May 2017, which means that you need to have register your trademark to have full control over your products and services! Wait, what exactly is Amazon’s Brand Registry program? Amazon’s Brand Registry program is described (according to Amazon) in the picture below: “Amazon Brand Registry 2 [...]

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