Are you an Amazon seller? It’s time to register your trademark!

Amazon’s new Brand Registry program requirements were released in May 2017, which means that you need to have register your trademark to have full control over your products and services!

Wait, what exactly is Amazon’s Brand Registry program?

Amazon’s Brand Registry program is described (according to Amazon) in the picture below:

“Amazon Brand Registry 2 helps you protect your registered trademarks on Amazon and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers. Your enrollment in the Amazon Brand Registry provides access to powerful tools including proprietary text and image search, predictive automation based on your reports of suspected intellectual property rights violations, and increased authority over product listings with your brand name.” ( Registration Page)

In other words, the program is designed to make managing your brand easier. This includes important tools like A) retaining control over product titles, images, and descriptions, B) reducing matching errors with similar companies that can occur when items are listed, C) effectively listing products and/or services with high volumes, and D) flagging and removing counterfeit (or copycat) items within the Brand Registry that decrease the visibility of your own products and services.

So, what does Amazon’s Brand Registry program have to do with registering my trademark?

The program only allows brands that already own a registered trademark. Please note that you need to have a “standard character” trademark, so registering a logo will not allow you to enroll in the Brand Registry 2.

This is the notice that you’ll get if you submit an unregistered trademark:


Is it really that important to sign up for Amazon’s Brand Registry program?

You know your business’ needs the best, but the following benefits ensure that your products and services remain competitive in the Internet marketplace. (And these benefits require a registered trademark!)

For manufacturers: your brand becomes fully integrated into the Amazon standard. This also benefits you if you are a distributor of hand-made products because it allows for the creation of product IDs (which keeps your products organized and easy-to-find) in a cost-effective and standardized way.

For private-label and white-label sellers: If you distribute your products exclusively through Amazon, the Brand Registry program gives you the inventory tools needed to run a professional, high-volume business from an online storefront. It also allows you to customize the product IDs of your goods and services.

So, if I want to sign up for Amazon’s Brand Registry program…what should I do?

In addition to successfully registering a trademark, you’ll want to provide the following:

  • Image: a clear, professional image of your goods and/or products, with the trademark visible
  • Website: the link to an active website that shows evidence (photographs and/or videos) of your products and/or services
  • Key attribute: An attribute that makes your products and services distinct; it often comes in the form of a catalog number, a model number or a manufacturer part number

Is there a fee to join Amazon’s Brand Registry program?

There is no fee for applying and being accepted into the Amazon Brand Registry. However, you can only apply if you have a paid professional account.

In short, registering your trademark allows access to Amazon’s extensive Brand Registry program, which includes the necessities for a thriving business to grow in the competitive e-marketplace:

  • Protects your registered trademarks
  • Further legitimizes your business to consumers and clients
  • Provides access to new Amazon tools that keep your business visible
  • Supports predictive automation based on reports of suspected IP rights violations
  • Allows for proprietary text and image search
  • Increases your control over all listed products with your brand name

What does Trademark Angel have to do with Amazon’s Brand Registry program?

Trademark Angel is here to make the first step (registering your trademark) an easy one! That way, your business can enjoy the full benefits of Amazon’s services without the hassle of a traditional, expensive trademarking process.

Trademark Angel offers the following benefits to all growing businesses that want to stand out in the hectic, and always competitive, online marketplace:

  •  A professionally registered trademark, guided by experts in trademark services
  • Competitive and flat fees, compared to the hidden fees and rising costs of other trademarking services
  • A completely free no-obligation trademark search to determine if your trademark is available for registration

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