What is a power of attorney? When do I need to sign a power of attorney?

A Power of Attorney, POA in short, is a legal document that authorizes an entity to represent or act for another person, usually, in the managing of the person’s property, business or private affairs. The former is called the Attorney or Agent whereas the latter is commonly known as the Principal. In Trademarks, a Power [...]

How does the process work with Trademark Angel? What happens after I buy a trademark package?

There are 3 ways how you can proceed: Book an initial phone call with us. Here is the link. Ask for a free preliminary trademark search to get an idea whether your trademark can be registered. This is a basic search but if your mark is unregistrable, we’ll be able to tell you. Order your search [...]

Who can use the registered mark symbol in India?

You can use ® symbol if your Indian trademark has registered. Using the symbol ® unless your trademark is registered in India is unlawful. Using ™ symbol with your trademark means that you claim to be the owner of the trademark and that you use the trademark as a “source indicator”. You can use the [...]

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Can surnames or last names be registered in India?

Names or surnames cannot be used as a trademark in India if they do not possess a distinctive character. Common names and surnames may not be registered as it may lead to confusion. However, is a surname is uncommon or very rare, it may be considered distinctive and registrable. The biggest problem with registered a [...]

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