What is a power of attorney? When do I need to sign a power of attorney?

A Power of Attorney, POA in short, is a legal document that authorizes an entity to represent or act for another person, usually, in the managing of the person’s property, business or private affairs. The former is called the Attorney or Agent whereas the latter is commonly known as the Principal. In Trademarks, a Power [...]

Why should I consider registering my trademark in Mexico?

Trademark right is a territorial right. Trademark protection is necessary to avoid infringement attack and protect your brand name. If you wish to have exclusive rights over your trademark in Mexico, you should consider filing your trademark there. Mexico is a growing market for many businesses interested in opening opportunities in Latin America. Considering protection [...]

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Please explain trademark registration process in Mexico

When a trademark application is filed, the Mexican Trademark Office will review the application. The trademark application will undergo both formal and substantive examinations. Within 10 days after the filing date, the mark will be published in the Official Gazette for opposition purposes. Period of publication during which third parties may oppose is one month. [...]

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