Trademarks: First-to-use and First-to-file Countries

Trademarks are the face of your company or business to the marketplace. If you are in business, your company almost certainly has a trademark or trade name that you use on your products or in association with your services. Almost anything can be a trademark––words such as Exxon, Pepsi, or Kodak, acronyms like NBC and [...]

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What Every Business Should Know about Trademarks Registration?

When small businesses talk about intellectual property, it’s always one of their highest priorities. In fact, a growing business’ intellectual property (including things like trademarks registration, copyrights, and patents) is what separates continued long-term expansion from early floundering and regrettable plateaus in growth that could have been avoided. If you’re unfamiliar with intellectual property or [...]

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Anita Mar
CEO and Registered Trademark Agent at Trademark Angel Inc.

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