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It’s simple.

“ALL IN” package includes everything that “SAIL THROUGH” package includes and in addition it includes responses to non-substantive office actions (objections from Trademarks Office). Please read more about office action in this post.

“ALL IN” package also includes filing of a Statement of Use for intent-to-use applications in the US or a Declaration of Use for proposed use applications in Canada.

In addition, “ALL IN” package comes with free trademark re-filing should your trademark be refused by  Trademarks Office during the examination.

“SAIL THROUGH” package doesn’t include reporting/responding to any objections, filing of a Statement of Use (Declaration of Use) and if your trademark is refused, we will not re-file for free.

Our hourly rate is $150/hr.

You can see the difference between “SAIL THROUGH” package and “ALL IN” package is $350.

  • An average response to a simple objection (addressing formality) takes 0.5-1.5 hours.

It’s not uncommon when the Trademarks Office issues more than one office action.

If you do simple math, if we receive 2 simple office actions or 1 more complex one,  we will spend on average 3 hours (3x$140=$450).

  • Filing of a Statement of Use will cost you $150 if bought separately (or if you choose “SAIL THROUGH” Package) and $50 for each additional class if your application has more than 2 classes.

So, with “ALL IN” you will avoid having to pay extra for our time to respond to administrative objections and you also don’t pay professional fees for the submission of a Statement of Use (Declaration of Use) for intent to use applications.

Buying “ALL IN” package can be compared to buying an insurance policy, the only difference is that the odds of getting an objection is 65% so statistically it is a better deal for you. If you haven’t launched your business yet and don’t use your trademark yet, then “ALL IN” is the way to go as you will need a Statement of Use (Declaration of Use) filed before registration.

Why do we offer “ALL IN” package if “SAIL THROUGH” seems like a better deal to us (we can bill you extra, can’t we)?

Because we don’t like tracking our time, we don’t like issuing additional invoices, we don’t like sending reminders chasing unpaid invoices and we don’t like making you pay extra.

Our goal is to provide flat-fee competitively priced trademarking packages and “ALL IN” is the best deal for registrable trademarks.

In addition to not having to worry about paying hourly rates, the “ALL IN” package comes with free re-filing unlike the “SAIL THROUGH” package, so can you do the math? Which package is better?

Full description of our packages is here: Pricing.



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