German Trademark registration process


Every trademark registration process should start with a trademark search,which can be ordered online on our website or by email.

2. TRADEMARK FILING: We will prepare and file your trademark application in Germany after you have approved it.

3. FILING RECEIPT ISSUED: When a trademark application is filed, the German Trademark Office will process the application. Then an official receipt will be issued within a day and sent out by regular mail. We’ll scan it and send it to you for your records.

4. EXAMINATION: The German trademark office will review the application and if the mark is registrable, your trademark will register within 1-3 months. If we have filed your application with the accelerated examination request, the registration will often happen within 2 to 3 weeks.

5. REGISTRATION: Once your trademark registers, it will receive a registration number. You can use this registration number to apply to Amazon’s Brand Registry.

6. PUBLICATION: After your mark is registered, it will be published for opposition purposes. The opposition period is 3 months. The German trademark stays registered during an opposition proceeding. If there are no oppositions, it will simply remain registered. If there is an opposition, we will inform you and you will decide if you want to defend it.

7. RENEWAL: Your trademark must be renewed every 10 years from the application date. You should also preserve evidence of your use of your trademark. Please note that your trademark must be put to use in Germany within five years of registration. If the trademark has not been used, without a very good reason, for five years or more, then the registration may be cancelled.

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