Can I allow someone else to use my trademark?

You can license your trademark to another person or another company. Please keep in mind that marks establish a connection between the mark and the goods (or services) and are considered as an indication for certain quality and reputation.

It is important that your licensee maintains the same quality and reputation.

To make sure it happens, you should be closely involved with the proper use of that mark by your licensee.

It is best if you have a written license agreement in place to provide for effective control by the licensor. The license agreement may be considered invalid if it does not provide for quality control or if such quality control is not carried out.

Trademarks must be used in order to stay valid. Proper use by a licensee is considered to be use of the mark by the owner.

Close involvement and control of the use of the mark by the licensee is also important for satisfying the requirement of use.

If you are planning to license your trademark to somebody, Trademark Angel can help you with a license agreement.

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