Trademarks: First-to-use and First-to-file Countries

Trademarks are the face of your company or business to the marketplace. If you are in business, your company almost certainly has a trademark or trade name that you use on your products or in association with your services. Almost anything can be a trademark––words such as Exxon, Pepsi, or Kodak, acronyms like NBC and [...]

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Trademarking marijuana and its products in the US and Canada

Both in the US and Canada, the current view of business owners and entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry is that they cannot protect the brands they use or brand their existing products related directly or indirectly to cannabis or its by‑products. The belief may present itself as well‑founded, but it is inaccurate! These ‘marijuana marks’ [...]

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IP Portfolio in M&A Transactions

Assessing the Strength of a Trademark Portfolio -  A Helpful Guide Anita Mar, CEO, Trademark Agent. Trademark Angel Inc. Acquiring a trademark portfolio when a business is sold or when two businesses merge is often considered in only one regard - that of trademark protection. This means that the assets of this portfolio often go [...]

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Understanding the latest changes to Canadian Trademark Law

Updated on November 19, 2018 For several years, Canada continued to be among the select few developed countries that were not a signatory to global accords and agreements that enabled businesses to protect their brands by way of international trademark applications. But eventually, Canada took strategic measures for bringing into line its trademark regulations with [...]

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What I have learned from being a business owner for 6 months

A very warm hello from Anita Mar and Trademark Angel, and best wishes for the holiday season. As many of you may know, Trademark Angel began a mere six months ago. It’s been such a growing experience running my own company, and I wanted to thank you personally for being such an integral part of [...]

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Steps To Follow When Starting Your Online Business

You've grown weary of attending to your 9‑to‑5 job as you do not foresee any prospects of career progression. You are very keen to go it alone by starting your online venture as you have seen many of your colleagues and friends strike gold by following that route. However, you have absolutely no idea on how [...]

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