Overview of the New Trademark Law in Canada

After many years of being anticipated by those in the legal field and laypersons alike, sweeping changes to Canadian trademark law have finally come into effect. On June 17, 2019, Canada implemented changes to trademark law that, among other things, eliminate the use requirement for trademark registration. This is the biggest change to Canadian trademark [...]

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Trademarks: Is The Standard of Distinctiveness The Same All Over The World?

The growth of e-commerce has led to many brands that would have only been available to a small area of the global market to now be available worldwide. This causes business owners many challenges. One of these challenges is how to produce, market, and protect a brand that will be sold in multiple jurisdictions across [...]

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Why Should I Register My Copyright?

Information on copyright law, rules, and regulations can often be intimidating, confusing, and complicated. The purpose of this article is to give you the basic knowledge you need to understand when and how copyright may exist in your creative works and why you should register your copyright. What is a Copyright? A copyright is a [...]

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What I have learned from being a business owner for 6 months

A very warm hello from Anita Mar and Trademark Angel, and best wishes for the holiday season. As many of you may know, Trademark Angel began a mere six months ago. It’s been such a growing experience running my own company, and I wanted to thank you personally for being such an integral part of [...]

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