What should tech startups do to legally protect their business?

Many new and aspiring business owners are reluctant to share their new business idea. The is of course a risk that by sharing an idea with others that the idea could be copied and produced as a competitor. While this fear may be founded, you should understand how you can legally protect your startup, as [...]

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Launch before you file or file before you launch?

When is the best time to file a trademark? --Does the chicken come before egg or the egg before the chicken?-- We are often asked this question: When is the best time to file trademark? This question is especially important for Amazon sellers as they have the additional pressure of getting into the Amazon Brand [...]

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Trademark registration in Australia: how to register a trademark in Australia?

How to register a trademark in Australia The purpose of filing a trademark in Australia is to give you the exclusive rights in Australia to use a name or logo or combination of both in relation to goods or services that you supply in Australia. There are four main steps you need to take to [...]

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What are confusingly similar trademarks?

Simplified guide. No legal jargon, promised! We are often asked questions like “what is trademark confusion? Can I just add one letter or misspell my trademark to avoid similarity with another brand?” The standard test of confusion is similar in many countries including Canada and the USA.  Likelihood of confusion is determined by taking an [...]

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Brexit update: implications for EU trademark owners

You probably know that the UK will be leaving the European Union on March 29, 2019. This means that it is less than 7 months to the official UK exit after which a lot of things will change. Until now, no one knows what the future of European trademark protection would be in the UK [...]

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What is a Statement of Use in a trademark application?

What is a Statement of Use in a trademark application? If you’re a first-time trademark applicant (or a third-time trademark applicant!) and a Statement of Use (SOU) is being required of you, you might be scratching your head. What exactly is expected? To know what a SOU is, you’ll first need to know what constitutes [...]

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Avoiding IP Infringement with Chinese Sourcing

If you’re an Amazon, Ebay or Etsy seller, you may have considered the possibility of sourcing your goods from China, a common practice in many businesses. However, a concern that arrives with Chinese sourcing is the fear of “knockoff” products, trademark and patent infringement.  While China’s production laws can unfairly fall under this perceived weakness, [...]

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What is a disclaimer in U.S. trademark applications?

If it’s your first time (or fourth time!) filing a trademark application, you might be contacted by a trademark Examiner who requires that a disclaimer be added to your application. Sometimes, this can even take the form of an official Office Action, meaning that the application is in danger of being rejected if such a [...]

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Finding the Fast-Track to the Amazon Brand Registry

Finding the Fast-Track to the Amazon Brand Registry                     Tips from TRADEMARK ANGEL What every Amazon seller (current and prospective!) needs to know to make the most of their online brand   [Important! If you’re reading this and thinking, “I’m already registered on Amazon,” please note that Amazon Brand Registry 1.0 Holders (the first [...]

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