To start, we recommend registering your trademark in the country where you sell your products and offer your services. If you are an e-commerce company, we suggest registering in the country with which you do the most business. If you are a Canadian company, we highly recommend starting with the Canadian application and if you are a US business, filing in the US first will probably be the best choice.

We can file your trademarks for you in Canada, US, and the European Union and will use foreign associates for other countries. As we have a good working relationship with them, we will be able to pass the discount to you.

Limited budget? Start with filing your trademark in your country of origin, and then file in other countries of interest within 6 months of the first application using conventional priority. What does it mean – if you are a US business, file in the US first and then in other countries within 6 months from the filing date.

Lastly, if your budget only allows filing a single application, we recommend filing trademark in your country of origin.

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