What is confusion watch?

We will search the Trademarks Office database of the country where we filed your trademark.

The service covers newly and previously filed trademark applications with the Trademarks Office. If we find a trademark that is similar to yours, we will promptly let you know.

Why do you need to know about similar trademarks?

You should be the first to know if somebody filed a similar mark. This will allow you to decide if you want to send them a demand letter, keep monitoring to see if the Trademarks Office rejects the confusing application, oppose the confusing application if it’s approved by the Trademarks Office, or ignore it if you don’t think it’s causing confusion with your brand.

You may say: “The Trademarks Office will reject a similar trademark anyway, so I don’t need this service”.

Yes, and no. Your competitor may do a lot of damage in a short period of time (advertising their confusingly similar trademark, luring your customers, causing confusion).

Also, sometimes the Trademarks Office makes a mistake and approves a confusingly similar mark. If this happens, you will need to oppose. And if you miss a short period of time during which oppositions can be filed, then this confusingly similar mark will register and you will need to go to court to stop them.

In the UK and EU, Trademarks Office will not refuse a similar trademark as there is no examination on relative grounds (meaning that unless there is an opposition a very similar or ever identical mark will register).

The cost of trademark monitoring service is usually around US$250-300 for a year.

You can buy one year of trademark monitoring from us at a discounted rate of $225 per trademark per country.

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