We have paid subscription to Wolters Kluwer professional trademark search software. It’s called “Corsearch”.

According to the World Trademark Review survey, Corsearch ranked #1 in the trademark search category receiving an 8.05 score overall, but also ranked #1 in relevance of records received (7.88), #1 in usability and delivery timing of reports (8.41), and #1 in linguistic capability (7.65). Finally, Corsearch led among all providers in likelihood that the practitioners surveyed would recommend them to colleagues, with an 8.27 score.

We use Corsearch to provide the best service to our clients and the most accurate results. So all our trademark searches are done with Corsearch platform.

Corsearch allows to search phonetic equivalents and vowel substitutions.

We check relevant Trademark Office databases to find the closest marks and check how they are used in the marketplace.

Once we generate a report, we do manual analysis and provide assessment of the registrability of your trademark together with our suggestions how to improve your chances of achieving registration.

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