Government fees are not included in our packages and are extra.


Canadian government filing fee is C$250.
Post-allowance government fee is C$200 (payable just before your trademark gets registered).
At present, government fees don’t depend on the number of classes.


US government filing fee is US$275 per class. We may even qualify for the lowest filing fee of US$225, if we use the US Trademarks Office pre-approved pick-list.

If we file your application based on “intent to use”, i.e. future use, then there will be extra government fees. Government fee to file a Statement of Use is US$100 per class per mark.

European Union

The EU government filing fee is EUR €850 for the first class. The filing fee for the second class is EUR €50. The filing fee for each additional class is EUR €150.

United Kingdom

The UK government fees are GBP 170 for the first class and GBP 50 for each additional class.


The Australian government fees are AUD 250 per class.

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