Premium Hijacker Removal – Triple Dragon


What’s included:

Covers everything that is included in “GUARANTEE – DOUBLE DRAGON” package.

In addition, we will carry out a full audit of your listing to prevent future hijacking.

The audit includes:

  • A written report showing where improvements to listing can be made.
  • The top 10 methods to prevent hijackers re-occurring on your listing.
  • A 30 minute One – to – One Skype call to discuss the report and how to prevent hijackers.

Free extras:

  • Learn how to create Hijacker-proof product listings.
  • Learn the top 10 methods to prevent hijackers reoccurring on your listing.
  • Learn the difference between hijackers and resellers and how to deal with them.
  • Learn the secrets of preventing hijackers from your listings.

When to choose:

When you have a registered trademark and are in the Brand Registry. When you want to optimize your listing and prevent future hijackers.

Why is this package the best?

We will help you with the hijacker removal. We provide guarantee that hijacker will be removed. We analyze your listing and discuss with you how you can optimize your listing to prevent problems in the future.

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Anita Mar
CEO and Registered Trademark Agent at Trademark Angel Inc.

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