How long does it take to register a trademark?

It takes a minimum of 8 months to register trademark in the US. If there are office actions (objections from the Trademarks Office), then registration will be delayed. It's not uncommon for a registration to take a year or longer. It takes 20 months to register a trademark in Canada. It's painfully slo-o-ow. Don't ask [...]

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What is a specimen of use?

A specimen of use is an example of how your trademark is used on goods and services in the marketplace. Goods means products. To show use for goods, your trademark should be affixed/attached on the actual product or packaging of the product. A photo, mockup or drawing of the mark is not enough. A person [...]

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How do I find an acceptable specimen of use?

In this video, we will discuss some examples of acceptable specimens of use for your trademark application. First, we’ll discuss acceptable specimens for products. A photograph of the product showing the mark the actual product. Examples: metal plate on a bag or wallet; barbecue grill. Packaging of the product showing the mark. Example: tissue boxes; [...]

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What is the difference between State and Federal Trademarks?

Trademarks may be filed at the state or federal level. State trademarks protect your mark in a specific state while federal trademarks protect your mark in all the states. State trademarks generally provide less legal protection than federal trademarks. Businesses operating in only one state should trademark in that state. Businesses operating in interstate commerce [...]

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What is use in commerce (in the US)?

In the US, trademark use is essential to register your trademark and to maintain it. Without use, there will be no registration and without a use after registration, your trademark may not be maintained. Using for goods (products) is actually selling your products with your trademark being displayed either on the actual products or their [...]

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What’s required in order to file a trademark application in the US?

The full legal name of the applicant (either your company or your personal name) State of incorporation (if filing in your company name) or citizenship (if filing in personal name) The full address of the applicant. The telephone number and email address (not required). The trademark name. If you are filing for a logo, we [...]

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