Why is it important to monitor newly filed trademarks in the EU and the UK?

Trademarks Office in the EU  and the UK will not refuse your trademark if there is a prior filed or previously registered similar trademark. Instead the Trademarks Office in the EU and the UK only looks at absolute grounds (i.e. if the mark is deception or descriptive, it may be refused). However, if there is [...]

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Do I have to use my trademark in the UK prior to filing? Do I have to use my trademark after registration?

In the United Kingdom, no use is required in order to file an application. In fact, you don’t even need to specify any use dates. No use is required in order to obtain a trademark registration. To maintain your trademark, it must be put to use in the UK within 5 years of registration. If the [...]

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Can I use my trademark if it isn’t registered?

It’s perfectly legal for you to use your trademark without registration. However, if you are using a trademark that is similar to another name that was adopted before you adopted your trademark, you may be liable for trademark infringement. To minimize the risk of choosing a trademark that's similar to another name, you should do [...]

How long does it take to register a trademark?

It takes a minimum of 8 months to register trademark in the US. If there are office actions (objections from the Trademarks Office), then registration will be delayed. It's not uncommon for a registration to take a year or longer. It takes 20 months to register a trademark in Canada. It's painfully slo-o-ow. Don't ask [...]

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