Do you do a free trademark search in India?

We offer a free identical trademark search for India (order on our website). Trademark search is really important before you decide whether to file or not as it may uncover a trademark that may be an obstacle to your trademark registration. While identical trademark search will find an obvious obstacle, a "similar mark" search is [...]

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Can I use my trademark if it isn’t registered?

It’s perfectly legal for you to use your trademark without registration. However, if you are using a trademark that is similar to another name that was adopted before you adopted your trademark, you may be liable for trademark infringement. To minimize the risk of choosing a trademark that's similar to another name, you should do [...]

Should I do a trademark search?

Trademark search is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of trademark registration process. The purpose of a trademark search is to check if the brand you selected is available for use and registration. Without a proper search, another company may prevent you from using the mark you selected if such use will create trademark confusion in the marketplace. [...]

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How do you do a trademark search?

We have paid subscription to Wolters Kluwer professional trademark search software. It’s called “Corsearch”. According to the World Trademark Review survey, Corsearch ranked #1 in the trademark search category receiving an 8.05 score overall, but also ranked #1 in relevance of records received (7.88), #1 in usability and delivery timing of reports (8.41), and #1 [...]

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